Zoom MINI TOTE – Bubbalicious | El Cholo’s Kid

MINI TOTE – Bubbalicious | El Cholo’s Kid



MINI TOTE is the newest addition to our collection! We know you'll love it as much as you love our Mini, use it as your purse and make your outfits pop.

Our expert artisan weavers bring our El Cholo's Kid bags to life using recycled plastic in EVERY color.

  • Dimensions:

    Base 7”L x 4”W

    Height 6"

  • Unlined
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Artisan Made in Mexico
  • Comes with TWO straps, one 42" strap AND  a short over the shoulder strap (pictured)


Our MINI TOTES are your perfect:

  • Everyday purse; fit your phone and wallet and head out for the day.
  • Cosmetics bag; add all your favorite makeup and wash off any spills with soap and warm water.


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