But have you heard???

So, I listened to an interview on Dressed the Podcast with Dana Thomas, and WOW was it eye opening. Have you stopped to think how your choice in clothes affects the world around you? It's so easy to shop, shop, shop, and throw everything out in a few weeks because we spent 12 dollars on a shirt, but how did we get here? 

The thing the really stuck with me was what all our extra junk does to Africa.  I served in Ghana, West Africa for two years as part of the Peace Corps and I saw first hand the piles of clothes that arrive to the market from western countries.  Leftover Super Bowl shirts for teams that didn't win, tagged clothing that didn't sell.  One might think, hey they need clothes, they can use what we send them and we can feel good about ourselves because we didn't throw away anything. HIGH FIVES EVERYONE.  Well, all our stuff really hurts the local textile trades of African countries. Specifically, Ghana has great artisans who design great prints, beautiful batiks, and all our used clothing really depresses their ability to create and sell.

It's not all dire though, they mention many different companies who are leading the way to a more sustainable future in fashion so we can all still look cute, but like, not devastate the environment while we do so. -Daisy

Dressed Podcast

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